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As of January 2024, the Archa Theatre has been transformed into ARCHA+, a multifunctional cultural space open to collaboration with many partners and its own work for the upcoming generation.

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Ondřej Hrab and Jana Svobodová continue their creative activity in the newly founded organization Archa - Centre of Documentary Theatre, z.ú.

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Are you coming?

Mariana Fonseca, Lobby Teatro (Portugal)

Představení v angličtině, video s anglickými titulky

Saturday 18. 11. 2023
In English with English subtitles on video. 
70 minutes
Small auditorium

Tickets available via Archa Theatre and

Ae you coming? by Mariana Fonseca is almost all based on image and movement underlines the urgency of integrating a future where the feminine is not synonymous with an inferior social identity. Starred by the author, it explores, through different artistic languages, an alter-ego that refuses to devalue herself as a Woman through an analysis of toxic and violent relationships. 

This show is almost all based on image and movement, being the final part an extended monologue about the author's experience in an abusive relationship. 

Mariana Fonseca 

Co-founder of Lobby Teatro. 
Graduated in Theater-Actors from ESTC, in Portugal. During Erasmus, studied at RESAD, in Madrid and attended the 8th International Theater Campus, in Italy. Completed a professional theatre internship with the [Foreign Affairs] Company in London.  

LOBBY TEATRO is a professional theater company founded by Mariana Fonseca and Joana Brito Silva whose fundamental objective is to promote creations and original texts by emerging artists, contributing to the renewal of the artistic industry. 
It stands out for its multidisciplinary projects and willingness to work with diverse groups, and is also concerned with actively intervening, through artistic practices, in the sector of communities living in vulnerable situations or with limited access to culture. 
LOBBY TEATRO sees itself as a feminist, anti-racist theater company and an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, aiming to be a safe space for the creation and amplification of multiple voices. 


Creation and Performance: Mariana Fonseca
Light Design: Janaina Gonçalves
Music and Sound: João Gamory
Production: Bernardo Peixoto
Creative support: Rafael Barreto and Sofia Soromenho
Artistic consultancy: Jaime Rocha and Valter Vinagre

Dramaturgy support: Jaime Rocha
Set design and assistance: Pedro Silva
Costume design: Conceição Ferreira
Movement direction: Rafael Barreto and Sofia Soromenho
Digital design:  Patrícia Freire
Photography: Valter Vinagre
Promotional Photography: Ricardo Reis
Video: Ricardo Reis
Teaser: Dânia Viana and Ricardo Reis
Poster: Rita Fonseca
Communication Support: Mariana Dixe
Co-production: YEP [Young Emerging Performers], a partnership between Rua das Gaivotas 6/ Teatro Praga and O Espaço do Tempo.
Support for creation in residence:  teatromosca / Festival MUSCARIUM
Acknowledgments: 23milhas, CAF, Companhia Olga Roriz, Lugar Comum, Born2fail, Baal17 and Centro Dramatico Rural
Financial support: DgArtes


The AKCENT festival 2023 is funded by the City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture and the State Fund of Culture.


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Hlavní město Praha

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Ministerstvo kultury ČR

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Státní fond kultury ČR

Are you coming? / Mariana Fonseca, Lobby Teatro Are you coming? / Mariana Fonseca, Lobby Teatro Are you coming? / Mariana Fonseca, Lobby Teatro Are you coming? / Mariana Fonseca, Lobby Teatro

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