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Celebration of International Roma Day 2023

presented by ARA ART

Saturday 8. 4. 2023
large auditorium

Tickets: seated CZK 250 / children 6-15 50% discount. Tickets available via Archa Theatre and GoOut.cz

Gala evening of the 9th annual celebration of International Roma Day with ARA ART at the Archa Theatre.

This year's celebrations are taking place under the banner of FUSION: bringing together different genres of music and artistic disciplines, connecting performers, artists, people and showcasing traditional and new art forms. 

Edita and Martina Bendigovy (Edit band), Alžběta Ferencová (ZEA), Tommy Bela & Ricco Šarkozi, Natasha Udovikova (Norsko), Dominik Teleky & Lenka Fučíková, Josef  Reis & Majka Ondičová, Simona Šenkiová, Milan Kroka & Aneta Surmajová, Marie Oláhová, Jan Hron, sesty Bikárovy & sestry Matiovy, Michal Žolták and Sbor Rom Praha will perform at the Gala.  

The artists will be accompanied by the Live Band of Milan Kroka and the evening will be guided by Sabina Šlachtová and Nikolas Ferenc.

Mezinárodní den Romů 2023 Mezinárodní den Romů 2023 Mezinárodní den Romů 2023 Mezinárodní den Romů 2023 Mezinárodní den Romů 2023 Mezinárodní den Romů 2023

Coming soon

theatre english–friendly
theatre english–friendly
14. 6. 2023
theatre english–friendly

PQ+: Those Who Speak For Themselves

The Only Story Is Yours / concept, screenplay & director: Jana Svobodová

15. 6. 2023

Hania Rani

Spectaculare10 echoes

18. 10. 2023