Akcent - international festival of documentary theatre

AKCENT has been presenting documentary theatre to Czech audiences for ten years.

AKCENT connects Czech theatre-makers with world creators.

AKCENT presents theatrical work based on authentic stories.

AKCENT responds to current social issues.

AKCENT is here even during the pandemic.

AKCENT 2020 is online!


18–24 NOVEMBER 2020


Wednesday 18 November 2020 / 15:00–17:30 / online

No More Social Kissing

No More Social Kissing

An international conference on the future of performing arts

Is it important to greet one another with social kisses? Is it possible to create a theatre without physical contact? How are our cultural patterns changing? What will artistic mobility look like in the coming years?
Archa will connect with artists and producers in Edinburgh, Vienna, Ghent, Budapest, Brussels, Sheffield, Aarhus, Philadelphia, Buenos Aires, Prague and Beijing.

The panelists of the conference are:
Tim Etchells, artist and theatre director, Forced Entertainment, Sheffield
Pieter De Buysser, writer, playwright, director, Brussels
Wen Hui, dancer, choreographer, documentary filmmaker, Beijing
Kira Kirsch, artistic director, Brut Theatre, Vienna
Kristof Blom, artistic director, CAMPO, Ghent
Gyuri Szabó, managing director, Trafó Art Center, Budapest
Henk Keizer, coordinator of Art in Rural European Areas, Denmark/Netherlands
Jan Mocek, theatre director, Prague
Lola Arias, artist and theatre director, Buenos Aires 
James Ijames, artistic co-director of the Wilma Theater, Philadelphia, 
Ondrej Hrab, artistic and executive director, Archa Theatre, Prague
Hester Chillingworth, non-binary performance maker, director, London
The conference is moderated from Edinburgh by Robert Palmer, international cultural expert and member of the Board of Archa Theatre

► Have a conversation with us on 18 November from 15:00 to 17:30 CET on Zoomhttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/85388131372?pwd=dG16S3gvS0N4UE9ScUE1RWNIS0gzZz09
Meeting ID: 853 8813 1372
Passcode: 052859

► or watch live stream on this page


Thursday 19 November 2020 / 20:00 / online

Jan Mocek – Virtual Ritual_home

Jan Mocek – Virtual Ritual_home

An original gaming performance brings viewers into the parallel world of online video games (MMOG), for which millions of people around the world sign up every day. Into a world where almost anything is possible.
Urbanist Osamu Okamura, YouTuber Atlet, and photographer and gamer Adéla Vosičková will return the performance to the YouTube platform where it was born. It will not be merely streaming theatre to the online space, but a thorough "live" analysis of a digital society in its own environment.


Friday 20 November / 22:00 / online

olektiv Nesladim – Dům (bez) spánku

Nesladim Collective – House (Without) Sleep

"One sheep… two sheep… three sheep… four… that fourth one is taking its time. Four sheep… Do I always have to say sheep or is the number enough?"
Do you also sometimes have trouble falling asleep? The Nesladim Collective has prepared a video invitation to sleep for you. Lie down in a comfortable place, put on your headphones, and start counting with us.



Saturday 21 November 2020 / 20:00 / online

SpielRaum Kollektiv – Zbytečnosti

SpielRaum Collective – Useless Things

Useless present or future? Useless progress. Useless, me, you. What from 2020 will be necessary in 10 years? Or in 500 years? What will be left of us for future generations? Waste or treasure? What about Christmas? Have you done your shopping yet?
We are setting up a tele-bridge between an empty theatre and overcrowded households. We will move to the Archa of the future and look at the past of 2020. Until dreams come true, in the middle of an adventurous apocalypse. We have everything and we can have more – a pocket full of useless things, a handbag, a bag, a living room, a whole house! To have or not to have?

For entry to the event please write to spielraumkollektiv@gmail.com – we will send you the access link no later than the day before.


Sunday 22 November / 18:00 / online

Nibiru III – Loud Ring

Nibiru III – Loud Ring

An online presentation of the workshop process and performance featuring a documentary on the process and the introduction to the insights, world of Nibiru by the artists.

What happens when the end of the world comes? What is our common practice to save ourselves and take care of each others? What can we learn from the power that a group of girls have?
Are we open enough for this power? Nibiru III. - LOUD RING is a post apocalyptic healing in which we can hear the voice of young girls through their movement and imagination.
The legends say that Nibiru is the tenth planet of the solar system, which will end the forms of life as we know them now when crashing into Earth.

Presented in cooperation with The TANEC PRAHA International Festival and the Be SpectACTive! project, supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


Tuesday 24 November / 20:00 / online

Divadlo Continuo – Poledne / Noon

Continuo Theatre – Noon

What is the meaning of the individual's civic stance in the current social and political situation in Central Europe? The Continuo Theatre and its online documentary, which combines fragments from the production of Noon with interviews with participants in the demonstrations against the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968, ask this question in the context of news and reflections on recent events. The context is complemented by period materials and radio and film recordings. 




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